No Show & Cancellation Policy



If you ever need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please let me know by phone, text or email at least 24 hours beforehand.


A “no show” is someone who misses an appointment without canceling it 24 hours in advance.


If you are not present at the time of your scheduled appointment, this will result in a “no show.” The first time there is a “no show,” the patient will be contacted by phone to try and reschedule the appointment. If there is a second “no show,”  a fee for the appointment will be billed to the patient. Three “no shows,” may result in the termination from services.


Late cancellations (less than 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment) will be considered a “no show”.

Puppy Policy

Puppies need a slower introduction to the grooming process in order to keep them safe and avoid unnecessary anxiety. If booking appointments for puppies the first thing we do is get them used to the table, clippers, and bathing process. If applicable, the puppy will receive an eye trim, foot trim, nail trim, and have insanitary shaved. We do not offer a hair cut on the first visit in order to ease the puppy into the process and have better long term results so please keep this in mind when booking. If you ever have any questions feel free to call and we can discuss what's best for moving forward.


Parking Availability

Unfortunately, despite the very tempting parking lot directly in front of the building, we do not own the spaces so we are limited to street parking only. There is lots of street parking available all around the building but please work this into your arrival time.


Drop-Off and Pick Up

It's very important with drop-off and pick-up that you are on time for both the business and the pet. If you cannot make either drop-off or pick up on time please reschedule your appointment. I will always give you a time frame for when your pet should be finished to plan around and you will be provided a 15-minute window from when you are contacted to pick up your pet. If you do not arrive within the 15-minute window after being contacted you will be charged $1 per late minute as this bleeds into the next appointment time. I do not allow more than one dog in the space at a time in order to provide the best experience for each animal so timeliness is necessary thank you.